Portal Parfums was founded by Fisher Rinderknecht and Brady Witcher after their infatuations with fragrance and entrepreneurialism collided.

Have you ever smelled something and instantly been reminded of a person or place? Scents have a special way of anchoring memories and defining spaces. Our fragrant blends are intended to captivate, inspire scent memories, and transport audiences.

Our perfumes and colognes are parfum concentration and feature unique, complex fragrant blends designed to impactful. We feature a variety of fragrance categories but our line will continue to grow and cover additional categories of scents.

In addition to amazing perfumes and colognes, we offer candles and stunning vessels expressing our brand's sophistication and complexity. We found these natural stone vessels made of marble and onyx that are truly breathtaking. We are offering three color variants of each stone type and 8oz candle inserts that fit snugly inside. There is a scent, stone and color variation for every style and personality. However, the candles can be purchased and used with or without a stone vessel.

Our hand poured candles feature soy wax that is vegan, clean-burning, non-toxic, gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and comes from renewable sources. Some of our perfumes/colognes are available in candles, as well as, seasonal and candle-exclusive scents.

Follow us on social media to know the latest retail availability and product releases! We're so excited to present our interpretation of fragrance and look forward to hearing what you think!

- Fisher & Brady ❤️