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Bloom Parfum

Bloom Parfum

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Top: Violet Iris, Lemon Zest
Middle: Sweet Grass, Petrichor
Base: Iris Root, Sandalwood

Sweet, Fresh, Green

Tarleton started as one building and a field of grassburrs. It has now blossomed into a beautiful campus - nurturing growth for students. This fragrance interprets the journey from grassy roots to flourishing blooms through a fresh, green blend.

Representing Tarleton's official flower, the Tarleton Iris, violet iris serves as the powdery floral top note for this blend. Sweet grass and petrichor, the Earthy smell after rain, contribute green, fresh qualities that temper the forward iris. Rounding out the fragrance are musky iris root and creamy sandalwood that thoughtfully prune the floral and verdant sharpness.

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